Spanish Goats

Strengthening the Spanish goat in the United States is important because of the substantial reduction in their numbers during the last 30 years. Because of their hardiness and strong bloodlines, purebred Spanish goats offer the American meat goat market an important opportunity for cross-breeding to enhance overall production and reduce losses resulting from limited genetic variability within herds. Spanish goats also are an important heritage breed: they were the first goats to be brought to the Americas and played an important role in supporting (and entertaining) many families in rural areas throughout the Americas.

We are dedicated to ensuring that our goats have enough pasture for maximum development and minimal stress. Rotational grazing, limited use of grain supplementation, and participation in an on-farm testing program are some of our standard management practices. We are members of Animal Welfare Approved (AWA), Livestock Breeders Conservancy (LBC), the American Grassfed Association (AGA), and the Spanish Goat Association. The SVF Foundation selected two of our bucks, Jack and Picasso, to be among the first Spanish bucks to contribute to their germplasm collection (see North Carolina A & T State University purchased 10 of our Spanish goats for research and training activities in the University's Cooperative Extension Program.

We maintain a core herd of does from the Valera and Smoke Ridge strains and expose them selectively to Valera bucks and bucks with Smoke Ridge and Weinheimer bloodlines. This approach promotes hybrid vigor and avoids line-breeding. Our overall goal is to develop an increasingly productive and hardy Spanish goat by breeding for large growth, unassisted births, good mothering, and parasite resistance. All of our kids are pasture raised with the herd. We do not crib- or bottle-feed. Although health, confirmation, and productivity are key factors in our breeding program, we also value the Spanish goat's overall elegance and diversity in coloration. We have enjoyed watching our kids play together in a whirlwind of colors: deep chocolates, rich caramels, vibrant tri-colors, and champagne buckskins.

Spanish Goats For Sale

Please note that as of September 2016 we have sold all of this year's stock. For more informations, please contact us by telephone (304-947-5229) or email (

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